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Mother of the Groom Speech Samples

For those looking for some Mother of the Groom speech examples check out a few that my visitors have sent to me.
These are real life examples of what YOU can do once you have my Mother of Groom Speech guide in your hands.

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Mother of the Groom Speech Example #1

"To my wonderful son, Henry and his bride Karen. I am so overwhelmed with emotions right now. On the one hand Iím over the moon about the two of you being married that I just donít have quite the right words to describe it. On the other hand, today brings to light the fact that my son is grown up. I mean, heís been grown up for a while, but itís a completely different feeling when one of your children is married. I knew this day would come and I thought I was prepared for it, I was even in good shape at the rehearsal. But when the music started playing and Karen was walking down the aisle, I looked back at Henry and saw the biggest smile on your face. I just lost it....Read more

- Sybil D., Jacksonville, FL

Mother of the Groom Speech Example #2

"I believe it was Rita Rudner who once said, ďI love being married. Itís so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.Ē In a way, marriage can be like that. It can be serious or it can be silly. My son, Ricky, and his wife, Brenda, are so perfect for each other because they both take time from their busy lives to have a good laugh over something really silly.

When Ricky was just a boy, he was the class clown. Always making jokes, sometimes getting into trouble, but he won over his classmates and a good number of teachers. That sense of humor has followed him on up to his adult life and itís one of the many reasons why I love him. It was such a relief then to discover that Brenda also have an excellent sense of humor....Read more

- Karen McMorris, Scottland


I hope you have enjoyed reading my sample mother of groom toasts above. All are real and really pack a punch at weddings. Please click below and read more about my guide...and learn how I can provide you with 15 FREE mother of the groom wedding speech samples like the ones above.

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Mother of the Groom Speech Examples